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Multifunctional Language Translator Pen

Multifunctional Language Translator Pen

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Cutting-Edge Language Translator Pen: Enhance Multilingual Communication with Real-Time Translation in 121 Languages

Enhance your multilingual communication with the cutting-edge Language Translator Pen. This device offers real-time translation in 121 languages, making it a valuable tool for students, language learners, business professionals, tourists, and travelers.

The Language Translator Device features a smart voice scan translator pen with multifunctional capabilities. It offers two-way instant voice translation, text excerpt for saving memos, and recording voice memos. Whether you need to read books or newspapers in a foreign language, this device is here to help!

With advanced OCR technology, the device supports offline scanning and translation in 12 languages, including Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and more. The scanning accuracy is as high as 99%.

Once connected to the network, the Language Translator Pen supports 121 languages for mutual translation. It can translate 77 languages into voice and display texts, and 34 languages into texts.

The device also comes with offline voice library translation technology, allowing for text excerpts in 21 languages. This feature is useful even without internet access. The device supports recording function, making it ideal for use in classrooms or offices. It features utility dual-mic high-definition noise reduction decoding recording, with a battery life of up to 3 hours for each recording.

In addition, the Language Translator Pen has a built-in genuine Oxford dictionary for intuitive interpretation and quick query. It also supports vocabulary books, including primary school vocabulary, junior high school vocabulary, high school vocabulary, postgraduate vocabulary, IELTS vocabulary, TOEFL vocabulary, SAT vocabulary, and GRE vocabulary.

The device supports 12 display languages, including Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian, Thai, Spanish, Italian, and Vietnamese. It also offers various features such as connecting to BT devices, supporting TF cards up to 128GB, adjusting device brightness, setting time zone, setting automatic shutdown time, setting the rate of broadcast speech, and choosing the pronunciation mode after translation.

Experience the best in language translation technology with the Language Translator Pen. Say goodbye to language barriers and enhance your multilingual communication today.


  • Input Language : Spanish
  • Input Language : Chinese
  • Input Language : Arabic
  • Input Language : Russian
  • Input Language : French
  • Input Language : Korean
  • Input Language : Portuguese
  • Input Language : Japanese
  • Input Language : ITALIAN
  • Input Language : English
  • Output Language : Spanish
  • Output Language : Chinese
  • Output Language : Arabic
  • Output Language : Russian
  • Output Language : French
  • Output Language : Korean
  • Output Language : Portuguese
  • Output Language : Japanese
  • Output Language : ITALIAN
  • Output Language : English
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